Sexdate mit JuleStern

Hey, I'm the JuleStern, nice that you're there 🙂 I'll tell you something first, then you can make a small impression on yourself. I'm currently living in Hamburg, but let's see where it goes next, because I love traveling and the variety. It has never kept me in one place for a long time. Time and again, I'm drawn to a new city, with new people, challenges and experiences.Since I'm self-employed in my hobby as well as in my profession as a hairdresser, I can freely divide my time according to my whim and thus always get the maximum of fun.I love to read and do a lot, I also do sports and go out and party. In the meantime I have to say that the webcam has become one of my favorite pastimes, which means that we both have a lot of fun together;).True to the motto "variety is always good", I feel very attracted to women, which you can understand certainly;). But even so I am a very open and funny person, who likes to approach and listen to others. Anyone who knows me knows that I also have a pretty crazy side, but I do not show it to everyone;).I've often wondered if the adult industry might be something for me, but the many prejudices kept me a long way off. It was not until I met someone from the field and she explained and showed me everything that I realized that these are all stereotypes. Actually, I needed something to really get used to everything, but in the meantime, I enjoy it so much, and I'm glad I found myself so good. No matter if you are new, or have already gained some experience, I would be happy to meet you and show you my "hobby".Greeting & kissYour JuleStars

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